Presentation of the studio

GUIA is a studio dedicated to Architecture, Urbanism and Environment consists of a multidisciplinary team that offers a comprehensive service-oriented technical and legal assistance to both corporate and individual level, encompassing all actions to develop, manage, advise and monitor all matters relating to your project, from land acquisition to construction development.


Project of mall in Las Gabias

This first draft is done by request of the sponsor of the proposed 92 homes by the study. Given the strong infrastructure and social and economic changes of the area is studying the possibility of locating a shopping center and in other towns Granada belt decentralize the movement of people creating a new hub of activity and social and economic development. The center opened to the river and the countryside in this first draft is intended to be an open space and room where the time spent shopping is mixed with the time devoted to leisure, recreation, rest and contact with nature and landscape .

50 houses, garages and local  near plaza de Santa Ana in Ogíjares (Granada).

The project is located in the Plaza de Santa Ana del S. XVI, historical crossroads in the Vega of Granada. Today is an environment B.I.C. (Well of Cultural Interest) very degraded, the square is a park and there are numerous industrial buildings attached to the Church. The project frees up space around the church and innovations proposed by planning from the outset on the proposals to the Ministry to incorporate the old cottages existing public stage seems to be contemplating the new Planning General in writing.

Project for a family home and a shopping area in La Zubia (Granada).

This project is for a marriage to an engineer and a teacher with two children. The house is elevated on a two-storey commercial premises between floor and basement. The housing provides a game with a double staircase and the contrasts with different orientations. The materials from various areas have been cared for adapting to the demands posed by the promoter family. Raised various heights games section to improve the livability and quality of space in certain unique areas in both housing and the lower trade. The holes in the facade from the inside are arranged according to their presence in the landscape orientation and thus integrated housing.